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Do It Yourself Help

The purpose of these pages is to help the customer who will be buying our laminate countertops from a Home Center install their new countertops.

Installing a laminate countertop is a straightforward process requiring basic woodworking skills. There are some special tools required that can be rented or purchased at most Home Centers.

Please read all the steps involved and determine if you understand the process and if you have the skills necessary to complete the installation. When using any power tool read and understand all safety and operating instructions supplied by the manufacturer.

Some kitchen layouts can add a degree of difficulty that can make the installation more challenging. You may decide to have a professional install your countertops for you.

The descriptions listed in each category cover the basics and do not cover every situation that may be encountered. While there may be more than one method to accomplish the same result, the procedures described were selected for the person with average woodworking skills.

We don’t include information on disconnecting plumbing or any appliances that may interfere with the installation. Please take this into account when determining your ability to install your countertops.

Notice: When designing or replacing an existing laminate top, it is very important to, keep the placement of a laminate seam or miter seam as far away as possible from the sink. Water contact over a repeated period of time can lead to a failure of the laminate joint and swelling of the substrate. Water penetration in a laminate joint is not covered by any warranty.

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