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Caulking Laminate Countertop

Once the countertop is securely fastened to the cabinet(s), the countertop needs to be sealed wherever it touches the wall. Use a good grade caulk that will stay flexible and make a water-tight joint. Colored caulk is also available that matches most laminate manufacturers’ colors.

Water that makes contact with the particleboard substrate will cause the particle board to swell over time.

When installing the sink special care should be taken to ensure a water-tight seal.

Apply caulk according to manufacturers’ recommendations. A small smooth bead looks and seals best (Fig. 1). A thick large bead of caulk is not necessarily better.

Notice: When designing or replacing an existing laminate top, it is very important to, keep the placement of a laminate seam or miter seam as far away as possible from the sink. Water contact over a repeated period of time can lead to a failure of the laminate joint and swelling of the substrate. Water penetration in a laminate joint is not covered by any warranty.

Fig. 1

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