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Mal-O-Sen Specifications

Mal-O-Sen Co. Inc. offers a wide selection of laminate countertop edge styles to fit any décor. Below you will find both photos and drawings/specs of each edge style that we manufacture or supply.

Edge Styles



180° Wrap

Single Cove/Square Edge

Bevel Edge

Strong, crisp angles enhance the solid stone look with a classic look and feel. The 45-degree angle “cut” reflects light for a defined border that smartly frames your countertop

Classic Accent

Displayed with oak. Wood-edged countertops are available in 5 different species, including oak, maple, birch, cherry, and hickory. Wood edge countertops are supplied unfinished only. The customer is responsible for finishing sanding, staining, and sealing the wood edges.

Crescent Edge

A soft curve that mimics that bullnose granite edge. This versatile edge blends into most any kitchen design. The perfect finishing touch to your “I can’t believe this isn’t real granite” countertop

Monarch Edge

Premier Edge

Regent Edge

Roman Edge

No-Drip Edge

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